Truly Madly Deeply (AEDMN13)


I created a painting honouring Spider Woman when I lived in Pingelly, on the wheatbelt east of Perth, Western Australia, in 2005.  It’s framed, hangs opposite my desk and yesterday I felt the urge to fiddle with it.  This is the result, along with – below – a poster made in the “Decorate – Poster” section of Fotoflexer on-line editing programme.

It seemed appropriate to have an accompaniment to “Truly Madly Deeply”, so I’ve added the words “Love Planet Earth”. I have also included the original artwork to show what can be created with on-line editing suites plus the PIxlr downloaded programme I work with most of all.  I do use PicMonkey a lot of the time to sharpen up and define colour, it’s the best I’m come across for those purposes.

For those of you who remember, “Truly Madly Deeply” was a terrific movie with Juliet Stevenson and  Alan Rickman. It was about a loved one returning from the dead, the pain of loss and the gradual understanding that the living need to move on.  A real weepie of a movie but very funny also, Juliet Sevenson was wonderful, as she always is, and Alan Rickman was brilliant, as he always is. I still laugh when I think of him with Kevin Costner in “Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves” which Rickman obviously decided was a dog of a movie so had a great time over-acting and hamming it up.

Exif_JPEG_422Truly Madly Deeply - Poster


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