Memories not Things

Rocks at Scotts head beach

This digital art is based on a re-working of a photo of sea, sky and stones I took at Scottshead Beach on the mid-north coast of New South Wales.  We used to visit it often when we lived in Bowraville, a bit inland from the beach, and I scattered my mum’s and dad’s ashes here.

It’s a lovely beach – a huge bay which curves around towards Nambucca Heads on the other side, where the Nambucca River meets the Pacific Ocean. It’s unspoiled, changes enormously according to the seasons and the tides and is really peaceful.  Hopefully it remains this way as housing development is kept away from the main beach at present.

I have good memories of wherever I’ve lived – not only of the scenery but also of the wonderful people I’ve met in my travels and the good friends I now have scattered across the globe.

As the saying above says, good memories are what count, not things. Things are replaceable. Good memories remain with us, sweeten our hearts and enrich us with the loving memories of good, kind, wonderful family and friends.


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