Marvellous Massage (AEMN10)


I woke this morning with a painful back and sciatica in my left hip, so was hobbling around quite a bit. Decided to take things easy but look on the bright side – this afternoon I had a wonderful massage which has left me as dopey as heck, so I decided to create an emoji to celebrate treating myself to something wonderful!

5 thoughts on “Marvellous Massage (AEMN10)

    1. I did a reply to your comment yesterday, Jo, seems to have disappeared. Yes, I had severe neck and arm pain with repetitive strain injury many years ago and it’s a real drag. Luckily, alternative health services here are far cheaper than in Australia so I can afford to access them, whereas I couldn’t back in Oz.


    1. Thanks, Teagan. The masseuse I see is great because she listens to you and adjusts here massage to your needs, particularly with fibromyalgia stuff like deep tissue massage is far too painful. As it is, I walk out of her room looking blissed out Slept like a log last night.


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