Magic Cove (AEDMN9)

Magic Cove

I’ve been revisiting photos I’ve taken in Australia, the UK and North Cyprus: I just scroll through the photos and wait until one shines a light at me.

This one was taken on our holiday in the UK in 2012, near Rosehearty, North-East Scotland, where our daughter lives.  She’s the harbour master and we are very proud of her and her work serving her community.

A short way along the coast road heading west you drive down a hill and then you can turn into a very secluded cove which to me is Magic Cove.  It has a pebble beach and a stream flowing into on the left-hand side.  The first time we saw it was when we lived in Rosehearty for six months in 2002-3 and I was entranced. You can feel the nature spirits in this magical spot and the first time we visited this sacred site the cliff faces were scattered with bright splashes of deep blue violets and bright yellow primroses.

The beach is covered in small stones rounded by the action of the sea. And if you look closely at the large, upright stone standing along on the right, you can see the face of a being staring out, almost like one of the statues on Easter Island.

I worked on this to re-create the sense of magic, mystery, nature spirits and sacred energies in this small cove which is one of my favourite spots among all the places I’ve visited in my travels.

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