“I’m so happy!” (AEDMN7)

Something different today for Art Every Day Month November: a bakery has opened close to where we live in North Cyprus and we’ve visited it a few times. It’s clean, fresh, has a charming little eating area, offers a bakery section and delicatessen goodies, with bagels, ciabatta bread, sliced bread (all kinds), pies, cakes, pastries, tea cakes and doughnuts. I’m not a great doughnut lover but people who have eaten these have raved about them!

Added to that, the first time we went there we didn’t have the right change, short of TL8, and he kindly told us to pay next we visited which, of course, we did as he trusted us. You do get this often in North Cyprus – if you don’t have the right money, you’re just asked to pay it next time you visit. Very kind and trusting!

But most of all the guy running it is terrific.  He is always smiling, always willing to go the extra mile to help in your choice, and more importantly, when we asked him how the shop was going, he said: “Oh, it’s fine, great. I’m so happy here – happy to be baking, happy to have a nice shop, happy to be running my own place, and so happy to see the happy, smiling faces on my customers”.

I decided to post on this guy’s happiness as it is so inspiring. I hope you find his enthusiasm lights your day as much as it lit our day!

Alsancak Bakery 1 Alsancak Bakery 2 Alsancak Bakery 3 Alsancak Bakery 5 Alsancak Bakery 6 Alsancak Bakery 7

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