Mountain of Magic (AEDMN5)

Mt Barney – Mountain of Mysteries

Today I revisited a photo I took of Mt Barney, part of the Border Ranges at the southern end of Queensland and northern end of New South Wales.

When we lived halfway up Mt French, in the hinterland behind Queensland’s Gold Coast, we used to look to the south and have a clear view of Mt Barney and other mountains of the Border Ranges. An Aboriginal friend of ours pointed out the various formations in the mountain range and the Aboriginal names for the peaks we could see so clearly. I used to love living there as it was incredibly isolated and quiet, the only sounds generally being the crows, magpies, butcher birds and, at night, the howling of the dingoes.

Mt Barney was a magical, mysterious and very spiritual mountain. You could feel the other-worldly power of the mountain when you were on land close to this huge peak. On one occasion I was taking part in a group meditation in Boonah, the country town where we eventually moved to at the foot of Mt French, and suddenly had an out-of-body experience. I found myself hovering in the air in front of Mt Barney.  It suddenly split open and an entity emerged, also hovering in the air. Suddenly it sped up and shot towards me, both of us shouting “Aaaarrgghhh, oh no!” and then I felt this being meld with me in some way.  I was quite startled and the experience lasted only a short time but it certainly frightened the life out of me.

For a few weeks afterwards I felt dog tired and eventually went to see a cranio-sacral therapist in Ipswich, a larger town north of us.  She put her hands on me then said, with some hesitation: “I hope you don’t think I’m off the planet, but I feel you’ve had an encounter with an alien entity of some kind. You feel as if you’ve had an electric shock and all the power has drained out of you.”  She probably thought I’d leap off the massage table and run screaming out of the clinic. But, of course, what she said I knew was true from my own experience. Over a few sessions she balanced me out and helped my body re-energise itself and, trust me, I’ve managed to avoid out-of-body experience ever since!

It’s why I’ve incorporated some odd images into the photo, to give some sense of the strange, but powerful, energies you can feel around Mt Barney.  It’s a beautiful part of the world and living there connected me with a sense of the Earth and Aboriginal heritage which European culture has treated with such disdain.







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