Earth Mama (AEDMN30)

Earth Mama

Well, I have made it through the Earth Every Day in November challenge and managed to post every day which I’m very pleased about so I’m patting myself on the back!

I wanted to wind up on something positive, given the state of affairs in the world today, so here is Earth Mama:  I took a photo of a statue I have of an earth-goddess type configuration, tizzied it up in BeFunky, then superimposed it over a photo I took this evening of the sun shining on clouds over the Turkish coastline.

It offers the hope of sun, light and courage to stay positive, embrace optimism and know that there are so many good people in the world who far outweigh the negative lightweights.

We, the purveyors of happiness, goodness and love, will prevail!


Faith, Hope, Love (AEDM#29)

Faith, Hope, Trust

One more day to go in Art Every Day Month November, run by the amazing Leah Piken Kolidas, and then I’m over the finishing line, thank goodness.  It’s a good exercise and great discipline but I’ll be glad to get a bit laid-back again!

I don’t know about anyone else, but I have found this past week hard and depressing, so many sad stories – whether the suffering of refugees and their children; the killings and woundings in the Planned Parenthood clinic in Colarado; the casual hatefulness  and misogyny churned out by Donald Trump and other Republican presidential wannabes; stories of animal cruelty, and now the drive to a war in Syria which will prove as disastrous as the 1993 illegal war in Iraq. Thank god for people like Jeremy Corbyn and Bernie Sanders who offer thoughtful, insightful alternatives to the drive to bomb, splat and shatter the lives of those unfortunate enough not to live in the UK, US, Europe or Australia.

So I created the above today to try to rise above the negative and strive for the positive.  Believe it or not, the original image was a close-up of rocks but I’m happy with the way this has turned out. Hope it brings a bit of light and love into your lives too.

Pinnacle Revisited (AEDMN#27)

Pinnacle Revisited

I’m a day late posting this is I was really under the weather yesterday.  I did a gentle revisit of a photo I took from The Pinnacle in the Border Ranges National Park of far north New South Wales, Australia. We were mooching around in the national park when a ranger told us to visit the Pinnacle which was sign-posted nearby. We climbed up through the bush and then walked out onto the Pinnacle – an outcrop of rock and we were suspended high up over the caldera of an ancient, extinct (thankfully) volcano. We would literally see for miles and miles, high up in the air, with not a single sound to be heard. You can see how high we were by the miniature size of the houses down on the plains. It was awe-inspiring, one of the best experiences of my life. The odd-looking mountain is Wollumbin (Mt Warning) on the northern coast. I added in images of birds to give an idea of flying as we stood on The Pinnacle. I’ve added in another photo to give some idea of how high we were and the views. The absolute silence was, literally, out of this world.

Below is another photo to show you the awesome view from this outcrop. The shadows are clouds overhead.IMG_0513


Panther totem

Something a bit different as last night I had a very strong healing dream where I was reminded that the presence of a black panther in an earlier dream was an energy/totem figure for me. I can’t remember the details – only the herbalist owner giving me drops, with 10 needing to be taken twice a day after meals. Interesting dream and really vivid when I woke up this morning.


Lives Lived

I came across the image of a deserted house in the Appalachian Mountains in the US and, as I usually do with empty houses, wondered what had happened to the original inhabitants and their dreams and lives.

So I added an overlay of autumn undergrowth to represent the passing of lives at this house, but also additional colours to represent the idea of sending good energies to those who have dwelt there and their descendants, perhaps to help heal lives if healing energies have been needed.

Life & Memories (AEDMN#24)

Life & MemoriesA few weeks back the vacant paddock beside our apartment was cleared of all rubbish and quite a few mimosa bushes were pulled out. At the time the paddock was bone dry and yellow. Now, with a bit of rain (not a lot), the grass has grown and the mimosa shoots have re-appeared, an affirmation of life and resilience.

I added over the photo of the new mimosa growth another photo I took of stones under sea water, to link up with the life-saving water which prompted this growth. But when I added the frame, it took me back to my childhood when I’d spend hours wandering around in nature, picking and drying flowers and identifying them. I’ve come full circle here in North Cyprus.