Lighting the Torches

Passing the Torch

Synchronicity is a wonderful gift from the magical world: yesterday I did some research about Hestia for my previous post about the goddess keeping the divinity of the hearth and heart. I turned to one of my favourite books. Goddesses in Everywoman, by Jean Shinoda Bolen, and re-read the introduction by Gloria Steinem. I remember avidly reading writings of Ms Steinem and other women’s liberation authors in the early 1970s and so admire her for staying the course.

Today I saw words of hers on Facebook which rang bells for me – that we don’t pass the torch to others, we continue to hold up our own torch of light while using it to light the torch of others. In so doing we empower more and more to live their lives as full and equal human beings because we spark up their torch to shine their own light.

So I returned to an earlier piece of digital art I’d left to one side, as I couldn’t quite get inspiration to finish it. I added fire in the centre to represent the torch we carry and pass to others. Then I included a butterfly to represent the transformation process we bring into being when we encourage others to shine their light brightly and help transform this world to a better, kinder, more compassionate Mother Earth because people are so much happier when they’re being true to themselves.

Gloria Steinem



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