The Hearth of Warmth & Welcome


This image is of a hearth and chimney in an abandoned cottage. The original – in black and white – is on the Flickr album of Ann B (the Queen of Frogs) who has kindly given me permission to use her photos of the Smokies, in the United States.

I called this image “The Hearth of Warmth and Welcome” to honour the qualities embodied in the Goddess Hestia – the keeper of the fire burning at the heart of a household. Hestia makes places holy when she is present offering illumination, warmth and heat for food.

To me this image represents the opening of our hearts and the holding of our hands forward to welcome the many thousands upon thousands of refugees and asylum seekers fleeing war, persecution, conflict and starvation. The circles represent past, present and future, and even more the circles of welcome and friendship which we can build up with other human beings who need comfort,  love and shelter in their times of deepest need.

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