A Humour of Crows

Three crows Five crows 1








I have been trying to get a photo of the foxes that prance around on the vacant paddock next to our apartment but no luck – today I hoofed it to the patio only to see the fox’s tail disappear into the bushes at the top of the paddock.

But while I waited in the hope of catching Foxy re-appearing, members of the crow family which live in the big tree in the paddock kindly lined up for a couple of photos – first three crows, and then five, perfectly silhouetted against the Besparmak Ranges in the background.

Ma and Pa have brought up three youngsters this year, and each year bring up a new bunch of youngsters.  Fascinating to watch the babies appear all tottery, then see them gain confidence and begin flying. They then having great fun flying up quietly behind the pigeons which roost on the roof of the hotel close to us and dive-bombing them, sending pigeons scattering in all directions.

We also have two baby foxes which appear from time to time and, one day, my  husband saw one appear which decided to stalk one of the crows having a feed on the newly cleared land on the paddock. Unfortunately for Baby Fox, there were other crows nearby and they all rose in the air and started chasing Baby Fox who had to run for his or her life!

And finally, I know it’s supposed to be a murder of crows, but I like crows – I think they’re intelligent,  crafty and have a great sense of humour, which is why I called this post “A Humour of Crows”!

5 thoughts on “A Humour of Crows

    1. I thought you’d like this, Deborah, and I’m going to keep trying for foxy photos. The adults are very shy, but the cubs are still curious and confident. I hope they lose this, not because I don’t like foxes, but to keep them alive.


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