This image is based on a photo I took of a recent Blood Full Moon and recalling the power inherent in such a moon.

It reminded me of being a badass by shining your inner light, not taking any crap from anyone, and standing tall in your own right.

If you’re being bullied, stand up to the bully. If you’re getting hate speech, stand tall in who you are and treat trolls with the contempt they deserve. If you are undermined by anyone, get them out of your life. You don’t need naysayers, you need people who love and support you and cheer  you on when you shine your light as brilliantly as you’re meant to in this life of yours.

And to show a fine piece of badassery, here’s a link to a speech by Julia Gillard, former Prime Minister of Australia, taking the the leader of the Federal Opposition to task for his misogynistic treatment of our first female Prime Minister.  Ms Gillard faced the most appalling abuse when in office and treated it with great dignity and contempt for the little people like Tony Abbott who tried to put her down. This speech is the ultimate put-down and I’m delighted to say it went viral as it’s an inspiration to women around the world, with Ms Gillard being labelled a real badass for her fiery – and very true – words.

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