Stormy Weather

While there are spectacular sunsets here in North Cyprus, you also get amazing images when the storms move over, as they’ve been doing on and off for the past few days.

We live slightly to the west of Kyrenia, and so far have escaped the worst of the storms when the do move through. However, we often see storm clouds moving along behind the Besparmak Mountains to the south of the north coast, where we live, and then heading off towards the Karpaz Peninsula to the east.

Similarly, many storms can be seen to the west where we can see the lightning and faintly hear the thunder, but then they trundle off towards the north to Turkey where we watch fantastic flashes of lightning and huge flares of light in the clouds.

So here are photos from today’s storm which came in late afternoon and picked up colours from the setting sun. And I’ve added in a video of “Stormy Weather” sung by the wonderful Billie Holiday.

Storm behind Besparmaks Storm over BesparmaksStorm behind Besparmaks1 Storm behind Besparmaks2 Storm clouds 1 Storm clouds
















Storm over Besparmaks4









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