The Flight of Hope

Flight of Hope

This piece of digital art has as its foundation image a photo I took of rain forest at Wollumbin/Mt Warning, a wonderful mountain on the far north coast of New South Wales.

When you step onto the soil of Wollumbin at the mountain’s base, you can feel a warmth, a sense of peace and a strong resonance of ancient earth energy. This mountain welcomes you, in so far as you respect it and Aboriginal spiritual culture that you do not climb the mountain as it is a sacred site.

I add the bird images with a couple of gizmos on my favourite photo editing site, Pixlr, and then felt called to add the moniker “Flight of Hope” because we continually read such dismal news these days, yet Wollumbin reminds us that Mother Earth has survived over billions of years, that when we honour the earth and our connection with it and understand the symbiotic relationship where it also honours us in return, hope – as the saying goes – “springs eternal in the breast”.

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