Yggdrasill – The World Tree


This piece of digital art is based on a photo from space of the Diamantina River in Australia.  It runs through Queensland and South Australia and finishes in the Kati-Thanda/Lake Eyre Basin in the north of South Australia.  It can often dry up but, when there’s high rainfall, the waters travel down the Diamantina catchment to fill the Kati-Thanda/Eyre Basin. When that happens, the huge inland sea comes alive with insects, frogs, etc., which hibernate in dry conditions, and flocks of water birds who somehow sense the waters of the inland sea.

I’ve been playing with this image and eventually Yggdrasill, the World Tree, emerged. In Norse mythology, Yggdrasill is a huge tree which supports the Universe. I think it’s fitting that it is entwined with the DiamantinaRiver which gives life to the inland of Australia, feeding the great tree, Yggdrassil, which has its roots throughout Planet Earth and in spirit form overarches our wonderful world and permeates the Universe into the Great  Beyond.

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