Art Therapy

Art therapy

I tear my hair out when I read people being exhorted to just think the right thoughts, get on with life, put bad memories behind them and stop wallowing in the past.  I believe that our bodies carry emotional memories deep within our cellular beings and our bodies have an intelligent life of their own which can’t be fixed just by our minds.  This reliance on our minds is, to me, a reflection of how we worship thought, intellect, dispassion and emotional control, while overlooking the great power of our hearts and souls.

That’s why I’m a great fan of art therapy as I believe it’s incredibly helpful in accessing emotional memories, bringing them to the surface, drawing/painting them into being, understanding them and letting go. It’s an amazingly healing process.

So yesterday I decided to deal with remnants of my emotional past – as much as I can at the present time, because it’s a bit like peeling onions, you get down another layer and find some more emotional stuff waiting for you – with a bit of digital art therapy, very soothing, very healing and below is the final image.  It reflects how I feel lighter, more joyful and more creative, something I haven’t felt for quite a while.

It’s also allowed me to reassess my on-line work. I don’t want to spend my days hunched over the computer as I love getting out in the fresh air (now it’s cooler :D) and getting my creative chops from being out in nature. So I’m closing down my crystal blog and the blog where I simply post photos of my artwork as, to me, this blog, The Crazy Crone’s Arty-Farty Studio, with explanations of my art process is the heart of my creative endeavours. I’ll also keep open my blog, The Crazy Crone: Leading a Wild & Adventurous Life.

All change: toot-toot!!!

Art therapy 1

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