World Flag

World Flag

Here’s my take on a world flag for unity of the world’s people around peace, tolerance, compassion, unity and love: the water and reeds behind the tree represent emotional openness; the wires you can see behind the reeds are the differences between countries being relegated to the past and insignificance;t he tree represents the World Tree of Love, while the doves top and bottom represent love, kindness and co-operation between nations.

I prefer this to the flags of individual countries which – heresy, I know – are simply pieces of cloth with different patterns. They are used to justify false patriotism, division between nations, images of superiority and justification for wars.

Bah, humbug – I want a world flag to represent the beautiful world on which we live. For aeons we had no idea of what the world looked like as a whole and now we do – a superbly beautiful entity which deserves our awe at its magnificence and our determination to live on our feet as worthy of this wonderful planet and not on our knees bowing and scraping before outdated, individual flags.

Just look at the images below and perhaps aspire to the greatness of seeing each and every one of us here on Earth as a wonderful, worldwide web of global families.

Earth from Space Earth from Space 1  Earth2Earth

World Flag Poster

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