Foxy Fun

Well, my husband finally managed to get some photos of one of the foxes hanging out in the vacant paddock beside our apartment.  They aren’t brilliant as the fox was moving fast and it was getting near dusk, but it’s the first time we’ve managed to get any shots of our foxy friends. We think … More Foxy Fun

Lighting the Torches

Synchronicity is a wonderful gift from the magical world: yesterday I did some research about Hestia for my previous post about the goddess keeping the divinity of the hearth and heart. I turned to one of my favourite books. Goddesses in Everywoman, by Jean Shinoda Bolen, and re-read the introduction by Gloria Steinem. I remember … More Lighting the Torches


This image is based on a photo I took of a recent Blood Full Moon and recalling the power inherent in such a moon. It reminded me of being a badass by shining your inner light, not taking any crap from anyone, and standing tall in your own right. If you’re being bullied, stand up … More Badassery

Stormy Weather

While there are spectacular sunsets here in North Cyprus, you also get amazing images when the storms move over, as they’ve been doing on and off for the past few days. We live slightly to the west of Kyrenia, and so far have escaped the worst of the storms when the do move through. However, … More Stormy Weather

Galactic Views

I was dithering about posting this then decided I was going into perfectionist mode (yet again!), and heard an inner voice saying impatiently: “Just post it!”.  So here it is – I couldn’t quite decide what to call it so Galactic Views it is, for want of a better title! I sort of like the … More Galactic Views