Foxy Fun

Well, my husband finally managed to get some photos of one of the foxes hanging out in the vacant paddock beside our apartment.  They aren’t brilliant as the fox was moving fast and it was getting near dusk, but it’s the first time we’ve managed to get any shots of our foxy friends. We think this is one of the adults as the cubs were much smaller when they strolled along close to our fence and had a gander at our dogs going bonkers because they couldn’t get at the foxes!

Foxy funFoxy fun 1Fox fun 2Foxy fun 2

Lighting the Torches

Passing the Torch

Synchronicity is a wonderful gift from the magical world: yesterday I did some research about Hestia for my previous post about the goddess keeping the divinity of the hearth and heart. I turned to one of my favourite books. Goddesses in Everywoman, by Jean Shinoda Bolen, and re-read the introduction by Gloria Steinem. I remember avidly reading writings of Ms Steinem and other women’s liberation authors in the early 1970s and so admire her for staying the course.

Today I saw words of hers on Facebook which rang bells for me – that we don’t pass the torch to others, we continue to hold up our own torch of light while using it to light the torch of others. In so doing we empower more and more to live their lives as full and equal human beings because we spark up their torch to shine their own light.

So I returned to an earlier piece of digital art I’d left to one side, as I couldn’t quite get inspiration to finish it. I added fire in the centre to represent the torch we carry and pass to others. Then I included a butterfly to represent the transformation process we bring into being when we encourage others to shine their light brightly and help transform this world to a better, kinder, more compassionate Mother Earth because people are so much happier when they’re being true to themselves.

Gloria Steinem



A Humour of Crows

Three crows Five crows 1








I have been trying to get a photo of the foxes that prance around on the vacant paddock next to our apartment but no luck – today I hoofed it to the patio only to see the fox’s tail disappear into the bushes at the top of the paddock.

But while I waited in the hope of catching Foxy re-appearing, members of the crow family which live in the big tree in the paddock kindly lined up for a couple of photos – first three crows, and then five, perfectly silhouetted against the Besparmak Ranges in the background.

Ma and Pa have brought up three youngsters this year, and each year bring up a new bunch of youngsters.  Fascinating to watch the babies appear all tottery, then see them gain confidence and begin flying. They then having great fun flying up quietly behind the pigeons which roost on the roof of the hotel close to us and dive-bombing them, sending pigeons scattering in all directions.

We also have two baby foxes which appear from time to time and, one day, my  husband saw one appear which decided to stalk one of the crows having a feed on the newly cleared land on the paddock. Unfortunately for Baby Fox, there were other crows nearby and they all rose in the air and started chasing Baby Fox who had to run for his or her life!

And finally, I know it’s supposed to be a murder of crows, but I like crows – I think they’re intelligent,  crafty and have a great sense of humour, which is why I called this post “A Humour of Crows”!

The Hearth of Warmth & Welcome


This image is of a hearth and chimney in an abandoned cottage. The original – in black and white – is on the Flickr album of Ann B (the Queen of Frogs) who has kindly given me permission to use her photos of the Smokies, in the United States.

I called this image “The Hearth of Warmth and Welcome” to honour the qualities embodied in the Goddess Hestia – the keeper of the fire burning at the heart of a household. Hestia makes places holy when she is present offering illumination, warmth and heat for food.

To me this image represents the opening of our hearts and the holding of our hands forward to welcome the many thousands upon thousands of refugees and asylum seekers fleeing war, persecution, conflict and starvation. The circles represent past, present and future, and even more the circles of welcome and friendship which we can build up with other human beings who need comfort,  love and shelter in their times of deepest need.



This image is based on a photo I took of a recent Blood Full Moon and recalling the power inherent in such a moon.

It reminded me of being a badass by shining your inner light, not taking any crap from anyone, and standing tall in your own right.

If you’re being bullied, stand up to the bully. If you’re getting hate speech, stand tall in who you are and treat trolls with the contempt they deserve. If you are undermined by anyone, get them out of your life. You don’t need naysayers, you need people who love and support you and cheer  you on when you shine your light as brilliantly as you’re meant to in this life of yours.

And to show a fine piece of badassery, here’s a link to a speech by Julia Gillard, former Prime Minister of Australia, taking the the leader of the Federal Opposition to task for his misogynistic treatment of our first female Prime Minister.  Ms Gillard faced the most appalling abuse when in office and treated it with great dignity and contempt for the little people like Tony Abbott who tried to put her down. This speech is the ultimate put-down and I’m delighted to say it went viral as it’s an inspiration to women around the world, with Ms Gillard being labelled a real badass for her fiery – and very true – words.

Stormy Weather

While there are spectacular sunsets here in North Cyprus, you also get amazing images when the storms move over, as they’ve been doing on and off for the past few days.

We live slightly to the west of Kyrenia, and so far have escaped the worst of the storms when the do move through. However, we often see storm clouds moving along behind the Besparmak Mountains to the south of the north coast, where we live, and then heading off towards the Karpaz Peninsula to the east.

Similarly, many storms can be seen to the west where we can see the lightning and faintly hear the thunder, but then they trundle off towards the north to Turkey where we watch fantastic flashes of lightning and huge flares of light in the clouds.

So here are photos from today’s storm which came in late afternoon and picked up colours from the setting sun. And I’ve added in a video of “Stormy Weather” sung by the wonderful Billie Holiday.

Storm behind Besparmaks Storm over BesparmaksStorm behind Besparmaks1 Storm behind Besparmaks2 Storm clouds 1 Storm clouds
















Storm over Besparmaks4









Galactic Views


I was dithering about posting this then decided I was going into perfectionist mode (yet again!), and heard an inner voice saying impatiently: “Just post it!”.  So here it is – I couldn’t quite decide what to call it so Galactic Views it is, for want of a better title! I sort of like the idea of wormholes and mysteries.