Grace of Ages


I created this image from a photo I took of St Evlalios Church, a deserted church on the site of Lambousa, an ancient port on the north coast of North Cyprus. It’s about 5 minutes up the coast from where we live in Alsancak, close to the historic port of Kyrenia. The photo is superimposed over morning clouds on the coast of Turkey, with gizmos from PicMonkey and BeFunky adding light to recall times when the church was full of the energies of those at prayer inside the building.

The church foundations originate in the 2nd-9th centuries with the final version being built in the 16th century.  Close to this church stand Akhiropiitos Monastery, built originally on an early Christian basilica of the 6th century and re-built several times; as well as the rock chapel of St Evlambios which is carved from a single block of limestone.

I’m not a religous person in the least – for me the spiritual is personal and an expression of my heart for which my soul and spirit is responsible. It doesn’t, however, stop me visiting churches and cathedrals and enjoying the feeling the power of so many people over decades and, perhaps, centuries pouring devotional energies into the sacred spaces.

I also admire the grace of the many mosques here in North Cyprus.  I love the azan, or call to prayer – sometimes, if I’m awake around 5.15 I hear the hoca (pro. hodja) with his call to prayer and it feels full of divinity in the quiet of the morning.



7 thoughts on “Grace of Ages

  1. I didn’t realise you lived in Northern Cyprus. You might have guessed from my surname that my husband is Turkish. I like your image and also what you write about it. I like the image of prayer energies filling churches. Super. 🙂


    1. Merhaba – just to practise my little bit of Turkish on y ou! Glad you enjoyed the post – we are actually moving from here, the super-hot and humid summer this year really did a number on me so we are looking to move to Ireland perhaps, still considering! 😀


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