This image is a revisit of an earlier one I created when I was down and out with a flare-up of fibromyalgia.  You get what I call “the Glums” where you fall into a deep depression and feel like the world is going to end. When this first happened, I had no idea what was going on as I’m quite an optimistic person usually. I have suffered depression but worked through the issues associated with it, and the first few bouts of the Black Dog left me wondering what the hell had happened.

When I was diagnosed with fibro, I looked up the symptoms and found out that the Glums were part of the Fibro Follies, as I call the vast array of symptoms associated with this illness. So now when I suddenly descend into the abyss, I know it’s the fibro rearing its ugly head and I simply let go and wait until I scramble out of the Pit of Darkness.

So this final image reflects the relief when the light of day, positivity and optimism return into my life and creativity sends out three cheers as it feels inspiration pouring in again.

Original image of Depression

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