Sandstorm Scenes

You may have read about the huge sandstorm which engulfed the Middle East last week, including Cyprus.  Here are some of the photos I took and others on the internet of the sandstorm from the air and also in Jeddah. In places the approaching sandstorm looked apocalyptic, almost like an air-borne tsunami. Here the dust storm arrived mid-afternoon – suddenly a haze appeared, the sun disappeared and the dust storm hung over everything, it was very eerie.

Dust cloud 8th Sept 2015
Dust cloud over the adjoining paddock and Merit Park Hotel
Dust cloud - sun through the haze
Sunset through the haze
Dust cloud 2 8th Sept 2015
Believe it or not, there is a dirty great mountain range behind the wires, completely obscured by the dust haze.
Dust cloud 1 8th Sept 2015
The Merit Hotel was also clearing the vacant paddock beside our apartment which also created more dust. The hotel is establishing a market garden here.
Jeddah sandstorm
Jeddah as the storm was approaching
Cyprus Dust Storm
Dust storm over Cyprus
Cyprus dust storm 1
Dust storm from the air. Cyprus (Zypern) is south of Turkey.

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