Isis the Invincible


I was involved in a discussion with a lady in Australia who didn’t want Australia to accept refugees from Iraq (and I guess elsewhere in the Middle East like Syria) in case there were “lone wolves” among them.  Nothing like a good dose of fear, selfishness and self-preservation after Western leaders opened Pandora’s Box in the Middle East with the illegal war in Iraq in 2003 and unleashed hell in the region!

So I thought it was time to say “Screw the fear”, and reclaim the Great Goddess Isis from the little boys in Daesh who are too stupid to realise that, misogynists through and through as they are, they’ve taken the name of a female woman of power.  What a bunch of dimwits and idiots!

Isis is magnificent – an ancient, all-powerful, restorative, womanly figure of justice, renewal and courage which leaves  the puny little efforts of Daesh in the dust!

And in the footsteps of Isis  we women will not play small in the face of ignorant little boys trying to play big.

We won’t bow down, we won’t be frightened.

We women are free, ferocious, fierce, fighting, fearsome, wildish.

We are a mighty force with Isis riding the stars above us, reminding us of our own star stuff and our power to create rather than destroy.


D – dumb

A – absurd

E – Empty

S – Stupid

H – Hollow.


I – Illustrious

S – Spectacular

I – Invincible

S – Supercalifragilisticexpialidocius


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