Exuberant Eclipses

Mama Moon

This month we have eclipse season – a New Moon Solar Eclipse on 12/13th September, and a full Moon Lunar Eclipse on 27/28th September (my birthday – should be interesting this year!). So this piece of digital art honours the eclipses and the challenges, changes and transformations they can offer our lives. The moon image is self-explanatory; the butterfly represents change and transformation; the lightning represents the upheaval than can occur in our lives if we dance with eclipse energy and are open to new phases of our lives.

There’s a heap of information out there on the internet about the meaning and influences of these eclipses so here are a couple of links:

Solar eclipse, September 2015

Lunar eclipse, September 2015

Susan Miller: Eclipse Information

If you’re interested in investigating further about the nature and influences of eclipses, you can find a heap of links on the internet, but an interesting website which also offers a personal analysis of how eclipses affect you can be found at:

April Elliott Kent’s Astrology Blog



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