Ode to Olives

I have been fiddling with photos I’ve taken of olive trees here in North Cyprus. I love these trees – they are sturdy with leaves of olive-green, and thick, etched trunks. They provide shelter with their leaves, wood for heating, and food with olives and olive oil.

You can get small, green olives here with slits in the side, marinated in oil, lemon and garlic. Or you can go for the wrinkly, black, very ripe olives which are incredibly moreish. You just need to remember that olives aren’t stoned, so you have to take care when eating them, and that goes for village bread with olives – chomp with care as the olives still have stones in them. But the bread is fantastic.

In Praise of Olive Trees 1 In praise of olive trees









Old olive tree regenerating
Old olive tree regenerating
Olive grove 1
Olive grove, Lapta, North Cyprus
Olive grove
Olive grove, Alsancak, North Cyprus

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