Kaleidoscope (2)

I have a theory that, if we could float above the Universe and Planet Earth, we’d see a picture of a kaleidoscope which operates unknown to us but links us to each other and to bits and pieces of life and history in ways which resemble a kaleidoscope.

I had been thinking of this for many years given the synchronistic way in which I’ve met the most wonderful people in my travels.

But what really brought it home was in 2012 when, after planning a 3-week holiday in  the UK to visit family and friends we hadn’t seen since 2004, our flight was cancelled and we had to return to North Cyprus a week early.

I fumed about this when we got home on the Wednesday, but on the following Sunday, as we were sitting on our patio, we saw our Turkish neighbour hovering over something on the other side of our neighbour’s low wall.  She looked a bit baffled, as if she didn’t know what to do, so my husband wandered out to have a look and then called “There’s a little puppy lying here”.  I ran out and found a tiny puppy who’d tripped over a plant and fallen with her face caught below her, too weak to move.  My husband picked her up and she managed a feeble wag of a tail so thin it was like the lead in a pencil. Our Turkish neighbour was very grateful that we were going to look after the dog as she had no idea how to care for a puppy.

We took this little scrap of a dog to our patio, fed her water from a spoon as she was too weak to drink, washed her as she was covered in fleas, ticks and lice (Head & Shoulders does the trick, by the way), scraped off the lice from her swollen ears, and fed her boiled rice and chicken.  She managed a little bit of food, kept the food and water down, and we popped her in a dog cage with a blanket overnight, unsure whether she would survive. The next day, she staggered out of the cage and through to the patio where she started drinking water of her own accord.  As she was so small and we didn’t want a big dog, we decided to keep her:

Sadie from above, showing her poor condition
Zoe from above, showing her poor condition
Zoe in Sunshine
Our “small” Zoe


As you can see, we ended up with a rather larger dog than we’d intended!




What struck me later was that, had our flight not got cancelled, Zoe would have died for sure.  So who knows how things were meant to work out given our flight cancellation and our subsequent rescue of a starving little pup?

Maybe you can have a look at your life and see if synchronicity and kaleidoscopes have appeared in your life in any way.

And to finish up, here’s the kaleidoscope working to link  Syrian asylum seekers being welcomed by people in a German town – yes, the world is peopled with decent human beings helping others. Let’s publicise this instead of those who peddle hate and discord. We are all stronger than those who would like us to lead little lives of fear and prejudice.

2 thoughts on “Kaleidoscope

    1. I think I’m biased, Irene, but I think she’s a gorgeous dog, really good-natured, which is lucky given her size. And yes, I loved seeing that video, trouble is the media likes to focus on the negative rather than the positive.

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