Mystic Mo

Mystic Mo

I haven’t mentioned it on here but we are going to be on the move again some time in the future. I absolutely love living here in North Cyprus, but the intense heat of this summer really knocked me for six and the older I get the less able I am to tolerate not just high temperatures but also the very high humidity of this summer. With climate change, temperatures certainly aren’t going to drop.

We are going to head for Eire. And why Eire, you ask?

Well, it’s courtesy of the spirit voice which has popped up on three occasions – this being the third – and it’s always had something important to tell me.

The first time I head the voice was in 1993, the night after my dog, Chloe, got run over and killed by a bus.  I was deep in grief, in my dream I saw her walking away from me in a golden light. I heard a voice say: “She came to teach you unconditional love, she’s done her job and now it’s time for her to move on.”  The voice was quite right – when I met my husband, Bryan, he cracked the glass walls around me that I’d built up to survive bullying by my fahter, but the love I felt for Chloe melted those walls completely.

In the UK in 2004, I woke up one night and the voice said: “You will cut off from your father on 23rd July”.  I puzzled over this when I woke up – did it mean my father, deep in the throes of chaotic alcoholism, would die? But then I realised it could well mean the date of our wedding (took us 27 years to get around to getting hitched!), and when I looked it up it was a Friday, perfect for all our relatives and friends. As it happened, it turned out to be the best day of the year, a nice bonus.

So these past few weeks, given that I’ve been pretty ill in the heatwave, we’ve been considering where to move to as we have limited means. Once again I woke up in the night and the voice boomed: “Ireland”.  Ireland had never crossed our minds but when I mentioned it to my husband the next morning, he was quite agreeable. I checked out property in Ireland and affordable housing (most likely we’ll have to do renovations but we have made improvements to all the houses we’ve lived in) and it’s not too far to transport our menagerie.  So in a couple of weeks our apartment will be on the market and, whenever it does sell, we will be heading off to Ireland, most likely Eire rather than the North where the housing is more expensive.

The above image, by the way, was created from a close-up of a Desert Rose rock formation, coloured to purple, then overlaid with a photo of the decoration on our wedding cake which was created by our granddaughters.


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