Site connection fixed

I’ve had a few comments that, when people have clicked to visit my blog, instead they’ve ended up on a Chinese site or one flogging motorcycles.

When my domain: expired, the Chinese site pinched it (may karma bite them on the bum!), and I’ve tried everything to stop the feed switching to them. So yesterday I contacted the WordPress Help section, and they have fixed the situation for me – seems I had one oversight of blog name change on the “About Me” section which was causing the snafu.

The guy who contacted me described himself as a “Happiness Engineer” so I was only too happy to respond in kind as the “Happiness Fairy” and sprinkle a bit of cyber glitter over him to light his day!

With any luck, connections to my blog should work effectively from now.

And thank you to those who took the time to let me know that there was a problem with the link to my blog, bless you all!

The Haves & The Have-Not  Resized - Copy

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