Yes, We Can – Save the Earth, that is!

I created a piece of digital art from a photo I’d saved of a mountain top at sunset, overlaid with an image of a waterfall. The water around the mountain served for me as an image of climate change, the melting of glaciers, every-hotter temperatures and so on.

I added a few overlays with the gizmos on Pixlr and the updated version of BeFunky, but then decided that I wanted to super-impose a heart to demonstrate the love people have for Planet Earth and to celebrate the increasing number of people who are taking action to save the earth from the effects of climate change.

I found the heart I wanted on the updated version of iPiccy, then found I could change the colours of the heart which was damned good fun. Then I found out that I could break the original digital art into patterns, which again reflect love and action for our lovely Mother Earth. So all the images below, even though they  may look different, all originate in the original piece of digital art.

I believe we can save the planet – we can take action and we can, standing together, prevent the big business despoilers of our lovely earth from pursuing their almighty profits at the expense of the planet on which we  live.  We have the responsibility of handing to future generations the heritage of a healthy planet – YES, WE CAN!

Climate Change
Original image
I couldn’t make up my mind if I preferred this image or the original image!
ClimateChange 6
Again, couldn’t decide if preferred the colours in this image or the other one.



ClimateChange 3ClimateChange 1 ClimateChange 8




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