Riot Not Diet

Riot Not Diet

A friend happened to notice a passer-by wearing a tattoo saying “Riot Not Diet”, which I thought was pretty nifty, so here’s a poster of the words. The original painting was one of the Tree of Life which I created back in Australia, just prior to our move to North Cyprus. I worked with Pixlr then added the words through “Meme” gizmo on piZap, an on-line photo editing programme.

8 thoughts on “Riot Not Diet

      1. Hello and thank you for visiting my blog just now. One of your websites, has been hijacked and there is just one page there talking about motorbikes. I am running a virus scan on my computer just now to make sure I did not download any malware from the site that replaced yours. Are you aware of the problem? When I clicked on your Gravatar in my notifications menu, I’m taken to a site discussing bikes I also visited a different blog that linked to the your .com website and got the same result. Please contact WordPress for support. I hope you have backups of your original blog. Best wishes x SB


      2. Thanks for your advice. I thought I’d got this fixed up as, when I go to my own Gravatar, everything works fine. did get hijacked when it came up for renewal, there was a heck of a muddle around it, so my blog now operates on: which should come up when you click on the link. I’ll follow your advice and get in touch with WordPress. Thanks for taking the time to let me know of the problems.

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