RebellionI’ve been a rebel most of my life: in my early years standing up to a bullying, domineering father, but in later years living up to – in astrological terms – the fact that I have my moon (emotional life) in Aquarius. This sign relates to humanitarian and philanthropic, with a keen interest in making the world a better place. Aquarians are visionaries and progressive, intent in making the world a better place and not in the least interested in rules, regulation and bureaucracy. Which is why:

Donald Duck - weirdo

I might say that this is who I’m meant to be.  I’m neither better nor worse than others in our multi-varied world. Who I am doesn’t apply to others, nor should it.  Each astrological sign with the magic of the galactic energies influencing you when you were born makes up a majestic kaleidoscope of various energies which complement each other and contribute to the whole. For instance, while the words below might apply to me, I drive my husband barking mad because I’m off with the faeries while he is very practical and down to earth. He likes real-life landscapes, portraits and so on, and thinks my digital art is completely insane!



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