I’ve been a rebel most of my life: in my early years standing up to a bullying, domineering father, but in later years living up to – in astrological terms – the fact that I have my moon (emotional life) in Aquarius. This sign relates to humanitarian and philanthropic, with a keen interest in making … More Rebellion

Meadow Worlds

This is a mixture of images I’ve photographed of grasses and undergrowth.  I used the word “meadow” because I’ve been reading how many people in the UK are returning their gardens and property to the wilderness of meadows rather than highly controlled gardens. I envisaged what this looks like from an ant’s point of view!


No particular deep meaning to this image – it just said “Hoopla!” to me. Enjoy.

Live Your Dream

I created a piece of digital art which didn’t look finished, then fished out this photo of a Dow crystal and superimposed it – wah-lah! Image finalised. A Dow crystal is one which has three faces, each with seven sides, and in between each side is a triangle.  It’s a 7-3-7-3-7-3 formation, named after Jane … More Live Your Dream