I liked the softness of this image, it reminded me of nurturing energies which can give us so much comfort and ease any problems of the heart or body we may be experiencing.

The Power of Passion

I’m really rather taken with this image as it implies the fiery passion which can drive us to creative heights and to achieve goals in our lives. Mind you, I’ve forgotten now how I created this because I was muddling around with PicMonkey and Pixlr gizmos again, having the time of my life!

Cool Logic

I was playing around with new Pixlr gizmos again and came up with this image which rather reminds me of how we need logic in our lives as well as intuitive ability to create a whole person.  Mind you, I guess it takes a dash of imagination to look at this image and even think … More Cool Logic

Right Communication

Blue relates to the throat chakra – to what we speak and to our higher creative abilities.  I like the Buddhist expression “Right Communication” because it covers a multitude of approach to talking to one another, most importantly respect, tolerance and compassion. Oh, and let’s not forget TRUTH!

Creative Flight

I worked with some new gizmos on Pixlr to create this image, adding in the spider image from a photo I took of a spider at night on the outside of our window when we were living in Woodenbong, in the Border Ranges of northern New South Wales, Australia.  Spiders relate to creativity so this … More Creative Flight


I created this image from a photo I took of light over the Besparmak Mountains which run behind our apartment and parallel to the Mediterranean sea to the north of us, about five minutes away.  This image immediately reminded me of Camelot and all its myths. The original photo of the Besparmaks is below:  

Light of Inspiration

Yellow relates to our solar plexus and sense of self-esteem. I related this artwork to creativity because when we have a good sense of ourselves, we are confident about our innate skills – whatever they are – and can work on creative projects with a good sense of self-esteem and self-awareness.