This is a piece of digital art I created for my other blog The Crazy Crone – Living a Wild & Adventurous Life.

The post and art relate to what is called ACE – Adverse Childhood Experiences – and the control issues I had with my father in my childhood and teenage years.  The art reflects my very Aquarian need for space, freedom and independence which are essential for me to function comfortably in life. Fortunately I have a husband who understands this and likes his own space.

I thought I’d share it here to prove I’m still alive and kicking in the world, as the past couple of days have been horrendously hot – over 40C and humungously humid – with  a few power cuts due to high demand in this crazy weather which have made on-line life quite difficult. No power, no wi-fi!

Today it’s a bit cooler and I’ve been hunched in my humpy (as my husband calls my workroom) but I’m dog tired from the heat so I’m going to sign off and just enjoy a good rest under the air-conditioner.

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