The Kindness of Strangers

Kindness of Strangers
Let’s remake the world with words.
Not frivolously, nor
To hide from what we fear,
But with a purpose.

As Wordsworth said, remove
“The dust of custom” so things
Shine again, each object arrayed
In its robe of original light.
And then we’ll see the world
As if for the first time.
As once we gazed at the beloved
Who was gazing at us.
~ Gregory Orr ~
(There are three videos below, which means this post may be a bit slower in loading.)
 Nanayaran Krishnan (first video): “What is the purpose of life? It is to give. Start giving”.
I despise Donald Trump, the American billionaire supposedly running in the next US presidential elections,  for his greed, racism, misogyny, bullying, thuggery, selfishness and ignorance. He is a sad example of the mercenary, materialistic, anti-intellectual boorishness which characterises so many wealthy people around the world these days.
I feel contempt for those political leaders who could do so much good but who dance to the tune of the super-wealthy Establishment: Boehner (US); Cameron (UK); Blair (UK); Abbott (Australia); Merkel (Germany); and many more.  Western leaders kowtow to the likes of the authoritarian Saudi Arabian leaders with their repression of women and casual beheadings, or the murderous Egyptian regime under President El-Sisi. Political leaders and the mass media praise human rights but stay silent if those human rights are ignored by regimes where they can sell their weapons of death and destruction.
But I have absolute admiration for the kindness of strangers to those in need and exemplified in the three videos below.  These are ordinary folk who are opening their hearts to show love, compassion and plain old simple help to the less fortunate in society.  I hope you enjoy the videos as a reminder that there is so much good in the world, and we ordinary folk can re-build a world of goodness which triumphs over the selfishness of the tiny minority.

Mystic Mo

Mystic Mo

I haven’t mentioned it on here but we are going to be on the move again some time in the future. I absolutely love living here in North Cyprus, but the intense heat of this summer really knocked me for six and the older I get the less able I am to tolerate not just high temperatures but also the very high humidity of this summer. With climate change, temperatures certainly aren’t going to drop.

We are going to head for Eire. And why Eire, you ask?

Well, it’s courtesy of the spirit voice which has popped up on three occasions – this being the third – and it’s always had something important to tell me.

The first time I head the voice was in 1993, the night after my dog, Chloe, got run over and killed by a bus.  I was deep in grief, in my dream I saw her walking away from me in a golden light. I heard a voice say: “She came to teach you unconditional love, she’s done her job and now it’s time for her to move on.”  The voice was quite right – when I met my husband, Bryan, he cracked the glass walls around me that I’d built up to survive bullying by my fahter, but the love I felt for Chloe melted those walls completely.

In the UK in 2004, I woke up one night and the voice said: “You will cut off from your father on 23rd July”.  I puzzled over this when I woke up – did it mean my father, deep in the throes of chaotic alcoholism, would die? But then I realised it could well mean the date of our wedding (took us 27 years to get around to getting hitched!), and when I looked it up it was a Friday, perfect for all our relatives and friends. As it happened, it turned out to be the best day of the year, a nice bonus.

So these past few weeks, given that I’ve been pretty ill in the heatwave, we’ve been considering where to move to as we have limited means. Once again I woke up in the night and the voice boomed: “Ireland”.  Ireland had never crossed our minds but when I mentioned it to my husband the next morning, he was quite agreeable. I checked out property in Ireland and affordable housing (most likely we’ll have to do renovations but we have made improvements to all the houses we’ve lived in) and it’s not too far to transport our menagerie.  So in a couple of weeks our apartment will be on the market and, whenever it does sell, we will be heading off to Ireland, most likely Eire rather than the North where the housing is more expensive.

The above image, by the way, was created from a close-up of a Desert Rose rock formation, coloured to purple, then overlaid with a photo of the decoration on our wedding cake which was created by our granddaughters.


Carob Memories


I created this from a photo I took of an abandoned carob store. The building was further along the coast, to the west from where we live in Alsancak, just outside the historic port of Kyrenia, in North Cyprus.  The light in the bottom window represents the wealth that people in Cyprus enjoyed from the carob crop, while the upper window represents memories of times past, as there are many of these abandoned stores along the shoreline.

The purple foliage represents the carob crop itself.  There are still many carob plantations around North Cyprus, and you often see the big carob pods hanging down after the flowering season.

For this image I used the gizmos on the BeFunky and PicMonkey photo editing programmes.

Site connection fixed

I’ve had a few comments that, when people have clicked to visit my blog, instead they’ve ended up on a Chinese site or one flogging motorcycles.

When my domain: expired, the Chinese site pinched it (may karma bite them on the bum!), and I’ve tried everything to stop the feed switching to them. So yesterday I contacted the WordPress Help section, and they have fixed the situation for me – seems I had one oversight of blog name change on the “About Me” section which was causing the snafu.

The guy who contacted me described himself as a “Happiness Engineer” so I was only too happy to respond in kind as the “Happiness Fairy” and sprinkle a bit of cyber glitter over him to light his day!

With any luck, connections to my blog should work effectively from now.

And thank you to those who took the time to let me know that there was a problem with the link to my blog, bless you all!

The Haves & The Have-Not  Resized - Copy

Yes, We Can – Save the Earth, that is!

I created a piece of digital art from a photo I’d saved of a mountain top at sunset, overlaid with an image of a waterfall. The water around the mountain served for me as an image of climate change, the melting of glaciers, every-hotter temperatures and so on.

I added a few overlays with the gizmos on Pixlr and the updated version of BeFunky, but then decided that I wanted to super-impose a heart to demonstrate the love people have for Planet Earth and to celebrate the increasing number of people who are taking action to save the earth from the effects of climate change.

I found the heart I wanted on the updated version of iPiccy, then found I could change the colours of the heart which was damned good fun. Then I found out that I could break the original digital art into patterns, which again reflect love and action for our lovely Mother Earth. So all the images below, even though they  may look different, all originate in the original piece of digital art.

I believe we can save the planet – we can take action and we can, standing together, prevent the big business despoilers of our lovely earth from pursuing their almighty profits at the expense of the planet on which we  live.  We have the responsibility of handing to future generations the heritage of a healthy planet – YES, WE CAN!

Climate Change
Original image
I couldn’t make up my mind if I preferred this image or the original image!
ClimateChange 6
Again, couldn’t decide if preferred the colours in this image or the other one.



ClimateChange 3ClimateChange 1 ClimateChange 8






I created this from an on-line image I found of the Niagara Falls frozen in super-cold weather last winter. I was interested to see what looks like the pale purple image of a dolphin in the middle towards the right (or it might just be my imagination!).

This piece of digital art has a two-fold meaning: the promises you make yourself – a commitment to take action in one way or another; and the promise you see in other people, scenes or developing situations.

Reach for the Stars

Reach for the Stars

I created this digital art from a photo I took of a fig tree at a restaurant where we had a meal recently. I superimposed another photo of a fig tree taken earlier this year when it was just coming into leaf, then added a layer of starry images.

The trunk of the tree in the centre actually reminds me of a woman’s body as she reaches for the stars to draw the starstuff into her body to allow it to permeate her physical body into the earth beneath us – feeding galactic energy to Mother Earth so badly damaged by selfish, human endeavours.