For Cecil the Lion

I think it’s well-known now that the death of the majestic lion, Cecil, at the hands of a despicable, wannabe hunter from the US has sparked outrage around the world.

I wanted to pay tribute not only to Cecil but to all those wild animals who are being killed by cowardly Western hunters paying top dollar to slaughter the most wonderful wild life and to pose smirking with the carcases of those animals they’ve killed.I can’t tell you how disgusting I find these dregs of humanity.

I hope that Cecil’s death will lead to so much outrage, disgust and revulsion at the practice of wildlife and “canned” hunting, that these practices will eventually cease to happen.  In the meantime, I’m happy to propose canned hunting for wannabe hunters – to drop them stark naked into an enclose of lions, with no weapons, and leave them to their fate.

(The image of the lion, superimposed on my own digital art, is Burning Lion by sylie113 on DeviantArt.)

For Cecil

4 thoughts on “For Cecil the Lion

  1. I hope Zimbabwe is successful in extraditing this monster. He should suffer. Minnesota is a fairly liberal state, so I think it’s likely that he will lose most of his patients. I hope the legal wrangling depletes his savings and puts him on the street if he isn’t imprisoned for this.


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