A Rhapsody of Roses – free e-book


I have been working on an e-book of photos I’ve taken over the years in Australia and North Cyprus of roses – pink, red, yellow and multi-hued. I decided to do this as I was going through my “Flowers” file and realised I had heaps of pics of roses which would look good collected together.

The first half is composed of photos of roses and the second half is composed of poster images of the same roses with motivational words.

Feel free to print copies of the roses or posters, and pass on to anyone who might like some lovely flower images in their lives.

I hope this e-book brings a bit of light, hope and beauty into what can often be a turbulent world.

I’ve tested the link which works for me, but if you have any problems accessing the e-book, let me know your e-mail address and I’ll forward a copy to you.


A Rhapsody of Roses

4 thoughts on “A Rhapsody of Roses – free e-book

  1. You have such a beautiful relationship with these flowers, Mo, it vibrates. Your booklet is beautiful, and inspiring. I just smile and smile as I write this little ‘thank you.’


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