All Change at the Hotel MoBro

I have been missing in action because we’ve been doing some switcheroos with our usual space arrangements in our apartment, called the “Hotel MoBro” by a friend when our stray dogs and cats started moving in. She reckoned there was a sign visible only to cats and dogs which said: “For a good feed and cuddle, head in this direction!”.

In the three years we’ve been here we’ve stuck to our original organisation: I’ve used our front, large room with a verandah while my husband’s used the smaller bedroom for his tools and model railway. Then, on Monday in the late afternoon, it all changed: my air-conditioner suddenly started spitting hailstones at me which, being smart, I took as a sign to switch it off and call for the repair man to pay a visit.

In the meantime, I switched my computer to the table in my husband’s room and, hey presto!  It felt so much better than my usual space.  It felt cosy, welcoming and as if it was really ready, willing and able to encourage my creative juices. I asked my husband what he felt about switching spaces and got the answer when he rushed around and starting moving all my gear into the smaller room and his gear into my former study (just so I couldn’t change my mind!).

Here’s the final arrangement – there were lots of windows in my former study, but more wall space in my new room which means I’ve been able to hang more of my paintings. The other plus is that this room is much easier to  keep cool in our monster heatwave (38C/100F) practically every day. And all that was wrong with the airconditioner spitting hailstones was a re-gas. We’ve also had all our other air-conditioners serviced too.

Good news day!

Desk, New Room  Paintings 2, New RoomPaintings 1, New Room Paintings 3, New Room Paintings, New Room

2 thoughts on “All Change at the Hotel MoBro

  1. I’m crammed into the smallest space in my house, and I love it–very cosy amongst the books and mess. As for the air conditioner spitting hailstones…that’s awesome, I can’t believe you wouldn’t want to leave it that way.


    1. It certainly cooled me down to get soaked with hailstones but, well, cheaper to get it repaired! And yes, I’m really enjoying this smaller space, quite surprised how much I like the change.


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