In Praise of the Black Bumblebee

In praise of Black Bumblebees

I was sitting on the sofa in our front living room when a ginormous, furry, black bumblebee shuffled slowly through the room, buzzing quietly, from the patio door in our kitchen, to exit through the front window in our living room.  The dogs sat looking at it with their jaws hanging down as it was so huge, and the bumblebee just chugged along, intent on its own journey, minding its own business.

I had a piece of digital art I hadn’t quite finished, but I returned to it thinking of this lovely insect, minding its own business, intent on finding nectar, and the painting took off in a completely different direction. It represents the meandering journey a bumblebee takes, the soft, furry black that you see in the black bumblebees here in North Cyprus, and the wealth of sweetness that bumblebees create with the honey in their hives.

Bumblebees (dumbledores in Old English, Dumbledore in Harry Potter) for me invoke the qualities of focus, not rushing, need for space (their hives are much smaller than honeybees), sweetness, abundance and focused work. A black bumblebee implies the need to go deep into the unknown to bring back to the known world the sacred which now needs to see the light of day Dumbledore, as a character, invokes wisdom, courage, insightfulness, power, sacrifice and humour.

Bumblebee Jasper
Bumble Bee Jasper
Black bumbleee
Black Bumblebee

And just to wind up, in looking up information about bumblebees, I can across Bumble Bee Jasper which has the most amazing colours:

2 thoughts on “In Praise of the Black Bumblebee

  1. Oh I do love bumbles and how wonderful you had an indoor fly by from one of them. And love how you created with that spark of inspiration.

    Good heavens, how did we not know about bumblebee jasper?! So so lovely…


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