Summer garden, 2015 (plus Praying Mantis!)

Here are some photos of our summer garden, now in full bloom as summer has well and truly arrived – 37-39C (97-102F) every day, absolutely sweltering! Sadly the blooms on our Apothecary’s Rose have been badly burned by the intense heat which is a real shame as the plant had heaps of blossoms on this year. The two circular garden beds surrounded by gravel are communal beds my husband decided to replant and improve, on the basis that he’d fixed up our garden and needed to expand!

My husband found the praying mantis climbing up our patio this morning, so popped it into a container and released it close to the paddock next door, away from dogs and cats who would be happy to make a meal of this magnificent insect!

Next year, according to the Head Gardening Supremo (ie, my husband, Bryan) we are going to introduce more white and yellow flowering plants to provide a cooling effect in our garden.

Praying Mantis, N Cyprus

Praying Mantis, N Cyprus 1  Summer garden, 2015 2 Summer garden, 2015 3 Summer garden, 2015 4  Summer garden, 2015 6Summer garden, 2015 5 Summer garden, 2015 7 Summer garden, 2015 8 Summer garden, 2015 9 Summer garden, 2015 10 Summer garden, 2015 Summer garden,, 2015 11

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