I thought today I’d post various images of a photo I took of the crypt at the ruins of Bellapais Abbey, in the mountains just outside of the historic port of Kyrenia.

I played around with the original photo with the following on-line photo editing programmes:

* iPiccy.Com

* PicMonkey.com

* piZap.com

* BeFunky.com

* As well as the downloaded versions on my computer of Pixlr and Fotor.

All have various goodies to offer. I use PIcMonkey to clean up my photos, sharpen them and adjust colours. It’s excellent and I actually think it outperforms Photoshop. In terms of other goodies offered by PicMonkey, it’s not really improved much on when I started using it a year or so ago.  It is excellent for adding your own Overlays and Textures, but really hasn’t added any new gizmos in these areas in recent times.

BeFunky, for example, has revamped its website and offers very good gizmos for vamping up your photos or art.  I particularly like the gizmo where you can blur the edges. I often use this with images I want to superimpose on other pieces of digital art so I can get rid of the background around the image I’m using.

PiZap I mentioned in my previous post – it has a host of gizmos to play around with and I use it quite a bit.

If I had a real favourite it would be the downloaded version of Pixlr. I think this is the gold standard for digital art and it regularly updates its great range of options. I subscribe annually which is, I think, $15 and then you get extras. I’d really recommended subscribing annually or monthly as the extended offerings are well worth while.

I also use the downloaded version of Fotor, but I find this a bit limited and clunky to use.

Photoshop I use to get rid of blemishes and to cover sections of a photo I want to erase with its “Liquify” facility. But I think it faces strong competition from other on-line editing suites these days and, if you haven’t bought it, I’d suggest you don’t waste your money as the free sites can offer so much more cheaply and faster in a lot of cases.

So here are the digital images I’ve created from one photo which is the first cab off the rank. I liked the effect of mist/smoke to reflect on the spiritual history of this very peaceful site.

Crypt of Bellapais Abbey
Original photo of Crypt of Bellapais Abbey

Bellapais Abbey, Crypt 4

Bellapais Abbey, CryptBellapais Abbey, Crypt 2Bellapais Abbey, Crypt 1Bellapais  Abbey, Crypt 4

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