Make Your Own Emojis/Cartoons – piZap

Action! Love EmojiEmoji - MoI’ve had great fun this afternoon playing with piZap’s new Gizmo, Emojis. So I thought I’d bring it to your attention as it has some lovely pics to play with.  piZap is an on-line art/photo editing programme which is really rather nifty. Go to, then if you click “Enter”, you’ll find “Emoji” on the right-hand side. There is a range of images for you to use, starting with a body shape and then you can play with the various shapes, words and images to create your own emoji.  The cartoon at the top of my previous post was also created with piZap – talk about going back into your second childhood!

You can also start editing a photo of your choice BUT one of the great gizmos on piZap is the Design button. You can go straight into choosing the shape of canvas you want to work with – square, foolscap, envelope, etc., – but if you click on Backgrounds, you get a wonderful range of images to use as a basis for your artwork.  Just as an example, here’s one I saved to my photos album:


Neat, eh?  I tend to like working fast on my digital art, so finding images I can use to mix and match is a real boon.

Anyway, that’s my helpful, mid-week hint – have fun!




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