Dubya’s Dogs of War

Dubya's Dogs of WarSo tell me, Dubya,

do ya sleep at night

after ya shock and awe

bombing the shit out of Iraq?

Do ya smirk at memories

of seducing British Blair

with honeyed words and buttering up

to someone eager to be bought off,

not with dollars,

but with delusions of grandeur,

pats on the back from “the most powerful man on earth”?

Did you grin behind your hand as you

cast Blair aside once he’d served his purpose

of somehow legitimising your illegal war on an advanced country

now reduced to chaos and sectarian slaughter?

And hey! I read that ya’ll are painting:

do you create on your canvas

the shattered bodies

of tens of thousands of Iraqis/Syrians/Libyans/Egyptians/

Tunisians/Qataris/US soldiers/British soldiers,

the body parts left by car bombs,

the dead and injured in Britain’s bombings

ten years ago?

Because when you opened Pandora’s box

you released the Dogs of War.

So paint those Dogs of War onto your canvas,


And when you sleep at night,

I hope you are plagued by

nightmares of lost, broken lives,

of slaughtered women, men, children, parents,

sisters, brothers, cousins,


whose blood is drenching you

from head to feet.

And know that you are no more, no less

a common or garden war criminal.

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