A UK Lament: Privateers/Nationalista


Oh, Privatisation

You comely wench

with your promises, allure

and come hither looks.

You offered so much:


*Lower prices

*Better Services


and the whores and pimps in the

ranks of politicians

took your bribes and did your bidding.

Sold off public assets at bargain basement prices,

Fattened the purses of the privateers with profits which

in days past were returned to the people:

to services to improve and expand them

for the people, not the fattened few with their snouts in the trough

of private enrichment through Ms Privatisation and her

smiling charms.

But you privateers,

local or foreign,

now swish past in fine, silk dresses and designer labels,

fat with obscene profits

and your offerings are smoke and mirrors:

*chaotic rail services

*run-down postal services

* sky-high gas and electricity prices

* call centres in foreign lands offering

false promises, mostly doublespeak,

to hide the robbery/thievery/rip off of

ordinary people who now see your glittering,

flashy, trashy finery for what it is:

Fool’s gold.

To convert Fool’s gold to public gold?

Aye, there’s the rub.

Snatch and grab, folks, snatch and grab.

What do we want?


When do we want it?


For I’m a nationalista, revolutionista,

nailing my colours to the wall

for people, not the fattened privateering pigs.

4 thoughts on “A UK Lament: Privateers/Nationalista

  1. AND THERE IT IS… again. I think about you every day.
    Eventually the dandies will eat their pearls
    and choke to death
    (some say, some say).
    I can’t help but hope so,
    is enough.
    xx ~meredith


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