The Shoulders of our Ancestors

AncestorsI’ve been absent for a while as my computer needed repairs and the shop I used took forever – I’ll be using another computer repair shop next time.  Plus I went into a huge dose of the Glums, partly from the fall I had a while back which really shook me up, and the death of my young dog.  But a friend asked me to create some artwork for him and it’s started up the wheels of inspiration in my heart, soul and head again.

The above artwork is to honour our ancestral links. the x-ray hand reminds me of all those who’ve left records of their existence on earth, whether as rock art, painting art, inventions, love, caring, sharing, wars, whatever.

We stand on the shoulders of our ancestors – they bequeath so much to us: DNA, heritage, hopes and fears. And in so acknowledging our ancestors, we also recognise that in the future, our descendants will be standing on our shoulders.  Which brings up the question – what heritage are we going to bequeath to them?

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