For Cecil the Lion

I think it’s well-known now that the death of the majestic lion, Cecil, at the hands of a despicable, wannabe hunter from the US has sparked outrage around the world.

I wanted to pay tribute not only to Cecil but to all those wild animals who are being killed by cowardly Western hunters paying top dollar to slaughter the most wonderful wild life and to pose smirking with the carcases of those animals they’ve killed.I can’t tell you how disgusting I find these dregs of humanity.

I hope that Cecil’s death will lead to so much outrage, disgust and revulsion at the practice of wildlife and “canned” hunting, that these practices will eventually cease to happen.  In the meantime, I’m happy to propose canned hunting for wannabe hunters – to drop them stark naked into an enclose of lions, with no weapons, and leave them to their fate.

(The image of the lion, superimposed on my own digital art, is Burning Lion by sylie113 on DeviantArt.)

For Cecil

A Rhapsody of Roses – free e-book


I have been working on an e-book of photos I’ve taken over the years in Australia and North Cyprus of roses – pink, red, yellow and multi-hued. I decided to do this as I was going through my “Flowers” file and realised I had heaps of pics of roses which would look good collected together.

The first half is composed of photos of roses and the second half is composed of poster images of the same roses with motivational words.

Feel free to print copies of the roses or posters, and pass on to anyone who might like some lovely flower images in their lives.

I hope this e-book brings a bit of light, hope and beauty into what can often be a turbulent world.

I’ve tested the link which works for me, but if you have any problems accessing the e-book, let me know your e-mail address and I’ll forward a copy to you.


A Rhapsody of Roses

All Change at the Hotel MoBro

I have been missing in action because we’ve been doing some switcheroos with our usual space arrangements in our apartment, called the “Hotel MoBro” by a friend when our stray dogs and cats started moving in. She reckoned there was a sign visible only to cats and dogs which said: “For a good feed and cuddle, head in this direction!”.

In the three years we’ve been here we’ve stuck to our original organisation: I’ve used our front, large room with a verandah while my husband’s used the smaller bedroom for his tools and model railway. Then, on Monday in the late afternoon, it all changed: my air-conditioner suddenly started spitting hailstones at me which, being smart, I took as a sign to switch it off and call for the repair man to pay a visit.

In the meantime, I switched my computer to the table in my husband’s room and, hey presto!  It felt so much better than my usual space.  It felt cosy, welcoming and as if it was really ready, willing and able to encourage my creative juices. I asked my husband what he felt about switching spaces and got the answer when he rushed around and starting moving all my gear into the smaller room and his gear into my former study (just so I couldn’t change my mind!).

Here’s the final arrangement – there were lots of windows in my former study, but more wall space in my new room which means I’ve been able to hang more of my paintings. The other plus is that this room is much easier to  keep cool in our monster heatwave (38C/100F) practically every day. And all that was wrong with the airconditioner spitting hailstones was a re-gas. We’ve also had all our other air-conditioners serviced too.

Good news day!

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