Mercury Retrograde

Zion BridgeI wasn’t sure what to call this until I realised that all the chaos in communication we experienced in trying to look after our little dog, Ziggy, when he was ill was influenced by Mercury Retrograde, a feature of astrology, which wound up yesterday, Friday 12th.

Mercury Retrograde happens when it looks, from the perspective of Earth in relation to Mercury, as if the planet were moving backwards. Of course that’s not happening but when this galactic event does take place, it’s renowned for stuffing up communications, affecting computers (make sure your computer is backed up before a MR event), causing electronic problems and so on.

We got information too late, phone calls were missed, blood tests came up clear but tested positive later on, and I was feeling so guilty that we had failed our little dog in getting him the proper treatment in time. But when I realised all this happened during a Mercury Retrograde, all fell into place.  It doesn’t ease the grief of losing our dog, but it does explain some of the happenings over the past fortnight.

2 thoughts on “Mercury Retrograde

  1. Tubularsock is sad for your loss of Ziggy. It is difficult enough without the interference of Mercury. Years ago when Tubularsock lost his dog Gizmo, a great little dog who always went out of his way to bite children, it was a loss of a great friend.


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