6 thoughts on “Sun Series

  1. Very beautiful Mo. I wonder what’s happening, when I click at your link from my Android, I go directly to this blog. If I do the same at my PC, nothing happens. When I click from Facebook at one at your links, I end up at the Reader. I found out to find you here, when I use my PC with your .org.
    Best wishes and a great weekend


  2. Honestly, Irene, I have no idea how the links work with this site. At the end of July my old site, thecrazycrone.com lapses, I won’t renew and I’m hoping things will settle down. I’m pretty handy on the internet, but it’s self-taught so when something like this turns up, I’m stumped. I’m going to contact WordPress but, as you know, I’ve been tied up with Ziggy and his health problems.


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