Columns – Salamis Gymnasium

Poster - Salamis Gymnasium

I’ve been absent for a few days as last week I tripped over an electrical wire beside our bed and had yet another close encounter of the marble kind with the floor. Went down with a hell of a bump, and took it on the chin as that’s where I landed first. So this past week I’ve been taking things quietly due to the various aches, pains and back-ache, plus sitting with our scruffy little dog, Ziggy, who hasn’t been at all well.  He’s usually a bright, cheery little fellow but he’s been quiet, withdrawn, not eating much, not playing with our other dogs and looks really seedy. We’ve taken him to the vet’s, all his signs are normal, no temperature, no infection, and we’re inclined to think he’s got a bit of post-traumatic stress disorder. We took him to be clipped and washed last Tuesday, the second time since his first clip when he was sedated but had a huge panic attack when he came around. A homeopathic practitioner suggested the recent trim might have triggered memories of his panic attack and, while homeopathic treatment has lifted him slightly, early this morning he upchucked mightily, then lost the use of his back legs. Off to the vet’s again, walked into the surgery as good as gold, nothing showing up, got various injections and an extra one for the vomiting, so now we’re feeding him rice and chicken, the usual staple for a sick pooch, and hoping he picks up.  He’s such a bright little fellow and it’s quite sad to see him looking so unhappy. If anyone reading this would like to send him some love and healing energies, we’d really appreciate it.

Anyway, I’ve also been playing around with FotoFlexer, another on-line editing programme, and found a neat little gizmo which allows you to create posters from your photos or art. The above is artwork I created from an original photo of the remaining columns at the gymnasium at Salamis, a historical site I’ve mentioned in previous posts. If you’re interested, start up Fotoflexer, import a photo, go to “decorations” and on the far right-hand you’ll see “Poster”.  You can change the colour around your photo and create your own titles.  Very handy.  So above is the resultant poster while below is the digital artwork. Below that is another version of the photo which I’ve called “Salamis Stories”. I like adding scenes from the galaxy to these images as they remind me of the passage of time since Salamis existed as a thriving metropolis until a major earthquake hit the city in 331. From that time Salamis gradually declined in importance.

Salamis Stories

Salamis Stories 1

17 thoughts on “Columns – Salamis Gymnasium

    1. Thanks so much, Lorrie, my husband’s just left to take him to a 24-hour vet as he seems to be getting worse. Fingers crossed as he’s a dear little dog and only just over 2 years old.


  1. Hi, sending some Reiki healing to little Ziggy. Hope he feels better soon 🙂 Thank you so much for the info about Fotoflexer. It’s fab and I’m going to have fun playing with that. x


    1. Thanks so much for the Reiki for Ziggy. You might like to try Pixlr too, if you pay an annual fee, which is quite reasonable, about US15 if I remember rightly, you get a heap more goodies when you download the programme. It’s absolutely brilliant.


    1. Thanks, Carol, yes, i could do with some healing support – it’s been a very difficult time, over a week now, and we – Bryan and I – have both been so anxious about Ziggy. The homeopathic arnica worked well, although I’m still a bit under the weather as I haven’t been sleeping well, worrying about Ziggy. He’s usually such a merry, happy little dog, it’s been awful to see him so quiet and withdrawn. HOWEVER, we are cautiously optimistic he may have turned the corner – started eating yesterday, is a bit brighter today and went for a walk with Bryan, we are just hoping that what goes in his mouth comes out the other end to know he’s on the mend. I’ve also been giving him homeopathic Sulph. 6, for post-traumatic stress disorder after he reacted so badly to his trim and wash (god help us – PTSD in a dog!!!!), and it seems to be helping. Fingers crossed!

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