Spring is Sprung

Spring has finally arrived here in North Cyprus after a long, cold, wet winter and a very dodgy start to spring – moving from sunny days back to wet, windy spells.  But now we’re around 28-32C (82-90F) pretty much every day, the sun is bright in the sky which is now a bright blue virtually every day, and our garden is looking fantastic, with all kudos going to my green fingered husband who can plan gardens and see them as they’ll be when the plants have grown and everything’s merging in a rather wild sort of fashion.

My husband’s not into formal gardens, but more into loosely-woven garden beds which house a variety of plants all mixing it together. As I’ve mentioned previously, gardening is a complete mystery to me so I admire the flowers, take pictures of them and steer clear of trying to garden, for which the plants and flowers are profoundly grateful!

2015 Spirng Garden - communal garden
Communal garden in our apartment complex. We, the owners, manage it ourselves rather than a management company who never seem to get up to scratch.
2015 Spirng Garden 7
2015 Spring Garden 1
We call this a butterfly bush as we don’t know the official name. We have these in white, pink and red.
2015 Spring Garden 5
2015 Spring Garden 6
Veldt Daisy
2015 Spring Garden 8
White Pandorea
2015 Spring Garden 9
White Pandorea
2015 Spring garden

2015 Spring Garden 2 2015 Spring Garden 3 2015 Spring Garden 4 2015 Spring Garden 7

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