Lambousa Spirits

Lambousa Spirits

Lambousa is an ancient, historical site about five minutes from where we live on the north coast of North Cyprus. It was once an important, bustling sea port but declined in importance as people moved in land for protection against various sea-born attacks from the various countries surrounding Cyprus.

There you can find rock tombs – either open, or carved into the ground. It’s quite eerie to think you’re walking among tombs that once housed the bodies of adults and children – you can see the different sized shapes – small, medium, large – carved out when you go into the rock tombs under the surface. There are open tombs but these have degraded more than those that have been protected within the rocks around this area.

The above image is another tribute to the colourful, ancient history of Cyprus which has developed over thousands of years. It’s a collage of photos of the rock tombs as well as of the openings to the rock tombs as you walk into an enclosed area housing these ancient monuments to the dead. Over it I’ve super-imposed an image of a spirit being to represent those whose energies permeate this area as a reminder of those who’ve inhabited this island so important in history that Cyprus due to its strategic position in the Mediterranean.

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