Freedom to Fly

Emotional Flight

There is a simple message here – be true to yourself, trust yourself and you will fly with the best possible emotions – love, self-confidence, happiness, creativity.  Too often these days joy is squashed out of us by rules, regulations, nose to the grindstone work, interminable, stressful  and boring testing in schools and universities, when what we need is the flight of our imaginations and the freedom to be who we are: to be honoured, each of us, as individual beacons of light illuminating the darkness of dead, dullifying bureaucratic shackles and smashing them to pieces.

Gabrielle Roth quotation

9 thoughts on “Freedom to Fly

    1. Glad you liked it, and yes, the questions are great. Should be on the curriculum of schools and posted at regular intervals all over the internet. I’m a bit up and down, to be honest, Lorrie, not sleeping well and it leaves me a bit tired and unbalanced at present. But hey! I’m alive and that’s gotta be a plus!


      1. wow! i’m really sorry to hear that. you know, i had a dream about your witch’s finger crystal that you wrapped in wire for jewelry… and the weight of the wire shattered (potentially) the crystal. i thought of writing to you, but thought…
        well, meredith… honestly. now, it occurs to me to tell you about the dream. oh, take it easy!

        i really hope you are well on the mend. you know, my body feels fragile, right now, and it’s not putting up with me moving rocks and dirt from morning to evening at all. 😦
        (i’m not used to my body saying ‘no’ and hearing it!)

        best wishes, meredith


      2. What an interesting dream – I’m working on it but I wonder whether it implies not limiting myself – perhaps? Anyway, I’ve now accepted that my body will let me know loud and clear when it’s had enough and these days I do my best to listen. Not always successful but better than I was! I found some homeopathic arnica tablets and am taking magesium both of which are helping, thank goodness!


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